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Publié par [ECHELON]

 Interview with Jared Leto © Le Louvre

First of all, I would like to say that it is not the first time I meet Jared at the Louvre. The last time was on December 2011 but I saw from afar (I recognized his blue coat ^^) and I did not dare to talk to him.
This Friday, January 20th was supposed to be boring: as a student at the Ecole du Louvre, I had to catch up one of my supervised practical work of the East we missed the day the teacher was sick.
This catch up was held from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, which was not practical for me since I used to finish my classes on Thursday.

Anyways, since I could not escape from the class, I went to the museum to attend it !
The teacher finished sooner and freed us at 8:15 pm. Tired, I wanted to go home quickly and so, I have to go back through the rooms to get out of the museum.
At the room before the last one, I saw the back of a man in black taking pictures of an obelisk. He had a hat on his head and had his coat on half of his arms. In my head, I thought that he looked like Jared but that did not stop me, then I walked near him and I saw a little beard. At that moment I had a doubt then I said to myself that it was not possible and walked a little towards the exit.

But then I had a remorse and decided to have a clear mind about it: I walked back in the room and that right moment Jared turned himself towards a statue that was near me.
I just saw his face and there, I had no more doubt: it was positive, Jared Leto was in front of me!!!!
This singer whose the music has vibrated me for 6 years was standing right in front of me. I decided to not chicken out and walked towards him.

He looked at me and smiled. I smiled shyly, a little bit intimidated.
At that moment, I was really calm, which surprised myself, and I succeeded on putting my English into practice (luckily English is a language I speak properly).
We began to discuss and then Jared seemed really interested when I told him that I am a student of the Ecole du Louvre. So he asked me some questions: what do I study? What is my name? How old I am? What do I want to do in the future?

He asked me to explain to him the story of the Louvre and its castle (and by the way I thank my museology classes that save my life here!).
I tried to answer in the clearest way possible and when I did not know how to explain or if my sentences were not clear, Jared tried to understand and to fill the gap.
He positioned himself in front of a statue of a king named Gudéa and asked me some questions about the piece: why has he lost his head? What does he have on his knees?

He was interested in my answers and I said to myself that the first person I make the visit is no one else but Jared Leto!
Then a man I do not know walked towards him. Jared explained to him who I am and he introduced to me this young (and handsome) man as Robert (aka Roberto for close friends), a friend!
Jared asked me to show him what I prefer in this department and we kept on walking and talking. He looked at the Code of Hammurabi as asking his questions.

Then I asked him a few questions: what does he like in art? He answered he loves the Greek and Roman statues and the artist Koons. By bumping into a statue of Napoleon, Jared told me he likes very much this emperor and Robert told me something he read about Napoleon.
Obviously, those 2 like Art and History!

After having made him visit 5 rooms, we arrived in the Cour Marly with all its Roman statues. Jared looked like a little boy on Christmas among all theses statues he took pictures of and which he looked for its secrets.
In the middle of the Cour he stopped and told how much he would love to have a concert here. I laughed saying that the curators would surely disagree with him.
It was about 8:45 pm and the museum began to ask the visitors to leave. We headed to the exit and Jared and Robert thanked me for this private little visit.

Jared asked Robert to take my email address in order to send me concert tickets.
We headed to the exit and went by 2 young women controlling museum tickets. One of them recognized him and asked for a photo. She asked him if he liked his visit, so Jared answered, by putting his hand on my shoulder, that I made him visit the rooms. The woman looked at me unkindly but did not say a word.
Some puzzled people stopped and some girls walked towards us.

I could see that Jared's eyes began to panic a little, surely afraid of creating an riot.
We went down the stairs quickly but a few fans asked for photos and autographs. Jared gave them what they wanted. Robert and I waited near him and I saw that the girls stared at me, probably thinking I was a friend of Jared.
After extricating himself out of there, Jared walked towards me and Robert to leave. So I asked him if I could just have my photo. He answered "yes of course" and put his hand on my shoulder. I put my head on his shoulder and Robert took the photo.
Aurélie Jared musée du louvre 2012-copie-1
We parted ways with an « Au revoir » in French please from the 2 guys!
I headed towards the subway and going by the fans who were looking at him from afar, I received some insults!
That did not spoil my encounter! They are just jealous!

All in all, I just want to conclude by saying that I have made a superb encounter with these 2 nice people. Jared did not talked to me as if I were a fan but as a friend. He was really interested in the pieces and in what I could tell about them.
I believe that the fact that I stayed calm (without yelling nor crying while talking to him normally and without complimenting him or his music) made him stay that long time with me whereas he was quite evasive with the crowd of girls we met at the end.

On the other hand, a huge rant to the "so-called echelon" and huge fangirls I met and who insulted me without knowing me!
To sum up, it really was a magic moment I will remember for a long time and which cannot make me enter in the East rooms nor see some statues without thinking of Jared!



Translation by Girl Of Mars [Phoenix DIvision]

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Aurélie Hammoudi 29/01/2012 15:38

Thank you so much!!!! Echelon family is wonderful and I am proud to be a part of it!!

Love you all

LilyMoonOnMARS 28/01/2012 23:51

I've readed this interview-article and I want to say to Aurelie,that it's really wonderful!Thanks to shared with us your experience. You're so lucky to met our jared
in this special way,I'm so happy for you. This help to understand that the jalosy and the too excitament don't need with amazing person like Mr.Leto,he's simple inside and prefer the pure and
beautiful contacts with us. Don't worry about fangirls that insulted you,they surely aren't echelon,we're family not jalose enemies.So don't care about them!

Thanks again and congrats! Wishes for your school!xoxoxo #MARShugs :)

Hammoudi Aurélie 28/01/2012 13:51

Sa en jette en anglais! Marshugs